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Carpet & Window

Windows and carpet are where we start. We offer a list of Maui cleaning services.

Residential & Commercial

Not only do we offer residential cleaning, but we also specialize in commercial jobs.

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Because we use industry grade cleaning products you can enjoy your home or rental.

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What Makes Maui Pro Cleaning Different

As the owner of Maui Pro Cleaning, we do more than simply answer phone calls and schedule appointments. We’re also the service provider who will personally arrive on your doorstep ready to deliver on what I’ve promised.

Whether we’re readying a detached ohana for a new tenant or cleaning carpets and windows for the Grand Wailea’s Ho’olei Villas, we offer affordable rates and consistent results. 

Your satisfaction is our absolute priority. We look forward to welcoming you back to a refreshed, polished, and truly clean version of your property.

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For Maui Residences and Vacation Rentals

Whether you live on Maui or it’s your job to ensure that visitors of our island enjoy a smooth and stress-free vacation, one thing is certain: Creating a clean environment for work and play matters. We’ve been helping Valley Isle residents and property managers do just that for 20 years and counting!

At Maui Pro Cleaning, services go deeper than simply “tidying up.” Believing that a spotless residence brings peace of mind, we use professional-grade products that combat mold, dust, sand accumulation, odors, pet stains, and other unwelcome intruders of our tropical paradise.

Your property will be treated with the utmost respect as we detail each room, and residences are always locked upon job completion if you’re away.

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Cleaning Services Include:

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  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning—Includes deodorizing with probiotic enzymes and the use of Scotch Guard cleaner
  • Steam cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning 
  • Tile cleaning
  • Power washing

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